1920 Car

1920 Car
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Products description

Weight: ca. 170g

Available variant: LK

The 1920 Car - special for DMC / EFRA

The 1920 Car is a variant of the 1920 LK.
Car, because we have built this motor according to the rules and standarts of the associations DMC and EFRA  for 1/10 scale rc-cars.
Like his big brother the 1920 LK it is equiped with an air cooling system.

In spite of all limitations due to the DMC / EFRA guidelines, the performance of this motor is already convincing at the first test ride.
The 1920 Car is the perfect solution for people, who want to pimp their 1/10 racecar with a little bit more than only a standard motor.
Performance, efficiency and durability are inspiring ambitioned beginners as well as experienced racers.
Like all other LMT motors this motor is handbuilt in our company and available in 11 different winding versions.
It is useable in triangle (factory state) and star configuration.
Check out the difference!

Windings from 4 – 15 Turn Delta ( KV specifications ->  RPM table)
Useable in all open classes (modified)

-1/10 Touring Car
-1/12 Pan Car ( 1S oder 2S )
-1/10 Pan Car
-1/10 Buggy - 2WD / 4WD
-1/10 Monster - 2WD
-1/10 Shourt Course Truck - 2WD / 4WD

Our testdrivers ESC recommendations :
- ATOS MATCH Universal (www.atos-modellsport.de)
- TEAM ORION – VORTEX R10 PRO ( ORI-65102 ) oder
- GM - Genius 120 ( Graupner 97168 ).

Especially for 1S usage we recommend :

1920 Car
1920 Car
1920 Car

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